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Our History

It is that special feeling that comes over you when entering the majestic gated portal with the ‘de Gulde Schoen’ emblem, on the Melkmarkt Street in Antwerp: this house tells a story steeped in centuries old history.

And that is definitely true: first mentions can be traced as far back as the 14th century when the premises belonged to the Cathedral of Our Lady. The oldest mention of ‘De Gulden Schoen’, located in Antwerp on Melkmarkt 37, dates back to 1493.


Circa 1500, the Florentine merchant banker Jeronimo Frescobaldi turned it into a magnificent building. He richly decorated the house and added the arcades in the second courtyard to make it look like a Florentine palace.

In 1754 ‘De Gulde Schoen’ ended up in the hands of one of the richest linen merchants in Antwerp, who made it into his family home. Later on it became a cloister and in 1886 it came in the hands of an antiques dealer. In the 21st century the picturesque courtyard, the exposition rooms and the arcades were renovated into a harmonious complex.

Suitehotel Gulde Schoen wants to tell the story that reflects a historical image of centuries of wealthy living in Antwerp.